Barham Downs

History Society

The area is recognised as one of outstanding natural beauty, comprising four principal village parishes, their associated hamlets and adjoining areas:- 


Situated 7 miles S.E. of Canterbury

Grid reference TR227508

Population: 286         

Parish church: St. Margaret of Antioch


Stephen Nethersole, esq. (1654-1730) was one of the many families who’s name has been in the village for many generations. His coat of arms can be found in the church. He married Mary, the daughter of Vincent Denne, who was the ‘Serjeant-at-law’ in Canterbury.

The Denne name can be linked to the Kings & Queens of England right back to 1066.

Womenswold is located on the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage route from England to Rome and on to Jerusalem in the Holy Land.

It is still used by modern-day pilgrims who follow the route of the modern North Downs Way from Canterbury to Dover.

Stephen Nethersole

There are several Grade II listed houses in the village. The village is in a Conservation Area and a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which should ensure the essential character of the village is retained. There is no street lighting or road markings which ensures the traditional, ancient street view of the village is preserved.